Kristie Miller:

Principal/ 4-6/ Inquiry Teacher.  Full time

Concongella Primary School Principal - Principal/ 4-6/ Inquiry Teacher.

I have been at Concongella for 6 years and love it here! I strongly believe in our wonderful little school and am really looking forward to continuing to grow and learn together!
I teach the grade 4, 5 & 6 students  in literacy, numeracy and integrated studies; I also get the pleasure of teaching the P-1 and 2-3 classes on Thursday afternoons, where we work on social and emotional learning. But I also love being out and about, travel, animals and being in the bush.

My son Quinn, is the most wonderful thing in the world! But I also love being out and about travel, animals and being in the bush.

Jessica Martin:
Grade 2-3/ Music & Movement Teacher. Full time

Jess Martin Grade 2-3 Music & Movement Teacher

Jess (known as Miss Martin) is the main classroom teacher for the grade 2-3 class. She caters for their literacy and numeracy needs, also delving into themes in her integrated studies. Jess also teaches Music and Movement to all grades throughout the week and a session with the P-3 students doing all sorts of life skills like gardening and cooking.

In her free time Jess loves dancing and chocolate (well, anytime!). She also loves her big, fluffy dog!

Pam Logan:
P-1/ Science Teacher. All except Fri afternoons

Pam Logan - P-1/ Science Teacher. All except Fri afternoons

Pam is the main classroom teacher for the P-1 students, teaching them to read, write and know their numbers. Pam also delivers science to each grade during the week.

I love spending time with my family, cooking and eating! I love taking photos and having outdoor adventures.

Marilyn Kindred:
Business Manager. tuesdays

Marilyn Kindred - Business Manager

Marilyn is our business manager extraordinaire! She knows all there is to know about accounts, fees, enrolment, buses, ordering and everything else you might need to know! Marilyn is only here on Tuesdays, so if you have any Marilyn specific queries, make sure to pop in on a Tuesday.

To Marilyn family is everything! She is very passionate about children’s health and wellbeing.
She loves the outdoors and animals, lots of animals!

Robynn Thomas:
Integration aide. Full time

Robynn Thomas - Integration aide

Robynn has proven herself invaluable to Concongella in a range of roles across the school.  She has delivered QuickSmart to the seniors, Speech Therapy, reading recovery and general support to students and staff alike!  This year Robynn joins us full time to continue to assist, mainly in the junior room.

My family and my two boys are the most important thing to me.  I love growing vegetables, and I love being back in a small school because I was educated in a small school.

Lynette Cox-hayward:
Art Teacher. fridays

Lynette Cox-Hayward - Art Teacher

Currently Lynette teaches at 3 local schools in both primary and secondary year levels. She enjoys teaching and helping students to explore their creative ideas.

When Lynette gets time, she enjoys creating artwork of her own. She mainly works with textiles and fibres but she enjoys using a variety of materials to create art pieces. Other interests she has include gardening, bushwalking, cooking including making jams and preserves.

Lao Shi He:
Chinese Teacher. Tuesday & Thursday afternoons

Lao Shi He - Chinese Teacher

Lao Shi He is another new face this year– she is here to teach Chinese language and culture to all grades.  She takes the 4-6 students on Tuesdays and the P-1 and 2-3 classes on Thursday afternoon.  The students are very excited by her enthusiasm and fun activities.

In her down time, Lao Shi He likes to watch TV to relax.  She is new to town, so say Ni hao if you see her around the streets!
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