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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Statement of Values and School Philosophy ensures that everyone in our school community will be treated with fairness and respect. In turn, we will strive to create a school that is inclusive and safe, where everyone is empowered to participate and learn.

Our Vision

To create an outstanding learning environment where each individual thrives.

Our Mission

Concongella Primary School’s mission is: We believe that through developing authentic and rigorous relationships with our whole community, we are inclusive and guide our students to become effective members of society; socially and academically.

Our Values

Support, Encourage, Effort and Achieve

SUPPORT – We support each other to be the best we can be; We are supported in our learning.  We recognise that fairness is everyone getting what they need to succeed, not everyone getting the same thing- this is reflected in child safety through recognising when people need additional supports.

ENCOURAGE – We encourage each other to make good behavioural and safety choices.  We are encouraged to have a voice in the school community.  We encourage truth and resilience in all we do.

EFFORT – We recognise that effort is needed to achieve success, academically, physically, socially and emotionally.  We put our best effort in everything we do.

ACHIEVE – We believe that all students can achieve great successes by employing the above values.  We aim for and expect high results for everyone.  We hold people to account and expect integrity.